The Shroud

We are a highly elusive organization that considers the veil of anonymity to be the most treasured sacrament of the individual. It is held above all else because without the power to be one’s self, without the power to speak one’s mind freely, we are nothing but mere slaves to political correctness and the powers that be. The powers that mould the human condition into a weapon, the power that vanquish our individualism with blinding light. Luminosity burns out free will, creativity, and any hope of liberty. Only in the Darkness can we thrive as a species. Only in the Darkness can we empower, unite, and overthrow the establishment who wish nothing but to stamp out the last remaining sliver of humanity by casting their damned light into the shadows.

We will be free. We will linger unseen. We are everywhere and we are many.

We are the invisible hand that watches over you like angels in the night. Fear not the Darkness, for the Darkness wills all things into the best possible form.